Full Automatic Facial Tissue Paper Folding Making Machine Price For Sale

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  • Model: YC-2L/YC-3L/YC-4L/YC-5L/YC-6L/YC-7L/YC-10L
  • Base paper diameter: 1100 mm (Please specify)
  • Control system: PLC control,variable frequency speed control,touch screen operation
  • Working speed:400-500PCS/min/line

Product description

Automatic box-drawing facial tissue paper machine with embossing is to cut the base paper by knife roller shear, interaction fold into the chain of rectangle tissue.This machine adopts the vacuum adsorption, automatic folding counting function, high speed, folded neatly, easy operation, etc.

Product Parameters

Machine Model
Product Size
190 mm*200 mm
This is China standard. Other size are available by adjusting the blade
Paper Diameter
Other size are available
0~200m /Min
Electromagnetic speed
Embossing Device
Steel to steel embossing
Embossing Roller End
steel roller
Blank Lines
Steel on steel , the independent regulator
Cutting System
Pneumatic point cut
Vacuum System
Main Power
Use of power
Frequency Control , Electromagnetic speed
Pneumatic System
3 air compressor ,at least the pressure 5kg/cm2Pa

Manufacturing Technique

1.The machine adopts vacuum suction, automatic counting,with high speed, accurate number of advantages,is the advanced equipment of box drawing tissues paper production.

2.The machine is equipped with three tension adjustment devices,in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the finished folding.

3.The machine comes with fringe embossing and whole flower embossing of two kinds of flower embossing functions so that meet various customers’ production requirements.

4.This machine has automatic shutdown function once paper breaks, not only greatly reduce the wastage caused by paper breaks, but also to ensure the safety of the production process.

The working principle of tissue cutting

*Cutting system:Consist of sawing belt, belt wheel, working panels.Work panels have product size adjustment device, adjustable make the product to achieve.
*Folding forming: Along with the main motor running, fold the crank arm manipulator rod body, cooperate to produce, the deflection Angle, can adjust the position of the crank arm and change the length of the connecting rod to adjust (after folding forming is solid, i.e., don’t need to adjust)
*Dislocation counting and dividing:Adjust budget Numbers count control instrument, when the number reaches a constant value, relay drive cylinder to produce finished products export bedplate of displacement.

Generally, we guarantee our products for 1 year, but our customers have already purchased and used our machines for many years without problem.

Our machines will be packed into PE film packing or wood case. (We will process the wood case and make sure it reaches export standard)

One year (Calculated from the equipment arrives at the customer’s side.).
If there is any problem within guarantee period (excluding caused by human’s wrong action), we will send you spare parts for free.After this period we will definitely support you when needed. You will be welcome to contact us with any problem may happen.

Firstly, we will provide the installation guild with the machine for your reference. 

Secondly, our company is responsible for training production workers for you, ensuring that the workers will be independent operation

Yes we can. We have 5 experienced engineers to support customized designs.

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