Hot Sale Napkin Tissue Paper Making Machine With Colour Printing

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  1. Automatic counting, entire column, convenient for packing
  2. Folding place Positioning reliable,unified shaping size
  3. We can make different specification model by customer’s requirement
  4. Steel to wool roller embossing ,the pattern is clear and various.
  5. Color printing function is also available

Product description

High-speed napkin machine is used for raw paper by embossing, folding, electronic counting, cutting processing into a square napkin, automatic embossing folding in the production process, without manual folding, another napkin pattern can be made according to the needs of users a variety of clear and beautiful patterns.

Product parameters

Machine Model
YC 180-500
Finished Size(mm)
Paper Size(mm)
Paper Core Inner Dia
φ75mm Standard(Other Size are Available)
Embossing Roller End
Cots,Wool Roll,Steel to Steel
Counting System
Electronic Counting
Optional Items
Automatic Paper Feeding,Synchronous Conveying and Printing
Use of Power
Frequency Control,Electromagnetic Speed

Product Advantage

Napkin Paper Making Machine Is Used to Making Napkin Paper by Embossing,Printing ,Folding and The Embossing and Printing Style Can Be Customized,The Printing Color Can Be 1 or 2 Color (Optioned).Variable Choices Will Be Provided to You ,We Are Confident That Our Product Will Meet All of Your Requirements.

1. The whole machine frequency control, the unwinding adopts stepless speed regulation, and the function parameters are
2. It can produce 1/4 or 1/6 or 1/8 fold according to requirements. Other folding methods can be specified;
3. Can be equipped with color printing device, using flexographic printing;

4. Pneumatic paper feeding device;
5. Automatic counting function;
6. Paper break automatic shutdown system
7. Fast production speed and low noise, suitable for home production.

Working Process

Other packaging methods

More Details

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