Yuancui Paper Cup Making Machine Disposable Paper Double Wall Paper Cup Machine Price

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* Speed 50-120 cup/minute
* Main mechanism and movement control by quality gears and shaft/axis, which is more efficient than chain axis.
* Only ONE main turntable, more efficient and reliable.
* Self lubricate (automatic oil lubricate),
* 11 sensors detect all steps, any fault auto stop,
* Quality bearing and electronic element, long life,


Product description

YC-ZG16 paper cup forming machine use open cam system and single aluminium plate ,which make machine more faster and stably .The machine have plenty of 14 sensors to follow each process .Machine with Automatic double paper feeding system ,ultrasonic ,heating sealing ,oiling,bottom punching,bottom fold,bottom folding,pre-heating ,knurling cup.

Product Parameters

Cup size
2-16oz(different size mold exchanged)
Suitable paper material
Gray bottom white paper
Finished products
Hollow/Ripple wall cups
Paper weight
Power source
220V 380v 50HZ(please inform us your power in advanced)
Total power
Package size
2100*1250*1750 mm

Manufacturing Technique

1.Multiple feeding for flat fan paper,multiple mediation ,to avoid unevenness on both sides of fan paper,to avoid the fan paper jam problem.
2.Machine with 14 sensors, to be sure each fan paper run stably in each position ,if any position mistake or failure , machine will start alarm system and stop automatically.
3.Machine use direct feeding system for paper bottom,use servo motor for feeding bottom paper,use automatic sensor to help the pre-feeding ,avoid waste for paper,reduce the bottom down problem during feeding process.
4.Machine with full automatic oil lubrication system ,the oil pump is working continuously during the machine running ,machine is open cam & reducer motor . The above advantages make our paper cup machine less failure rate, machine more perfect ,provide better service for all customers.
5.Machine with bottom paper cutting system ,which will make the wasted bottom paper more easy to be recycled.

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